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How Iran Is Supporting Terror

One of the vices in the world that is an enemy of progress where peace is concerned is terrorism. Every now and then we get news of terror attacks and hope this will come to an end somehow but the end is always elusive. The international community strongly holds that the Iranian government is supporting terrorism and different factions have leveled those accusation to Iran since its revolution. The country of Iran has been known to fund, give sanctuary to terrorist groups, train and even provide weapons and equipment in aid of this terrible vice.

Most terror groups find refuge in this Islamic state mostly because of this one fact. Iran has been known to house and support the terror groups and thus support terrorism and the subsequent terrorism acts despite the many attempts by top world leaders to dissuade them from doing this. The militant groups use the resources accorded them by Iran to engage in terrorist acts across the globe.

This act of undermining civilian rights and depriving them of their lives has been in the open and has spread like world fire. When it comes to supporting terrorism, Iran has been at the forefront and it is known all over the world with lots of sources as witnesses. This is as a result of proven and collected evidence and a number of series of activities and motivation to be part of such evil activity.

It is crucial to take into account that in Iran’s constitution there is a goal to transfigure the world and it is believed to be among the leading motivation that pushes them to commit such an act. Iran has been in a position to defeat its adversaries through funding terrorism. There is also the need to consider that it has also funded terrorism to fight states that have been involved in backing up its opponents and it is such a wicked move.

One of the best and most capable groups in the world from Lebanon is the closest militant ally to Iran. From the time of its creation that is 1980, Iran has made sure that this group is sorted out both financially and in terms of arms and training of its fighters. Every single year, Iran made sure that $100 million went to this group, other years were even better in terms of this financial support. The arms that were given to this militant group were very advanced, from anti-cruise to anti-tank missiles and other rockets that are out of this world. Iran uses this group to attack countries that are fighting Syria.

It might be a shocker that Iran supports about 100,000 militant groups giving them all that they need, from weaponry to training and even money. The current president of Syria is a project of Iran and would have fallen long ago if Iran was not there to give support. Syria is a very close ally to Iran and is considered the only state ally. During war, there are those fighters that fall, Iran makes sure that their families don’t suffer and provides them financial support.

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