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The Pros And Cons Of Immigration Worldwide

Immigration is a worldwide issue that is in every country.It Involves the movement of residents from their country to a foreign country. Reasons for these movements of people from their homeland to foreign countries are many. The movements may be due to war or avoiding trial and anticipation of an attack and many others.Others may opt to move willingly in search of better way of life. There are unprecedented challenges as a result of immigration despite being the only choice at some point. Perceiving immigration at a different angle, it can be a brave move. Immigration can have both good and bad effects on the host country and the original country. In several occasions, the level of development and is industrialization is high.This therefore make them receive a massive number of immigrants.

Some of the ways they benefit from having immigrants are as stated below. There are jobs which the host citizens can’t or won’t do, therefore immigrants do them. From this, high taxes are collected. Besides, immigrants will work more hours, and their pay is lower than a citizen would demand hence benefiting the country economy.

Making immigrants to feel at home and appreciated, they add value as they bring different cultures to the society which is crucial to promote adherence and understanding. There will be strong relationships between nations that will be created. There may be available talents from the immigrants if they are from a country with advanced education systems.

On the other hand, immigration can bring a negative impact also specifically to the host country. challenges may be adverse if immigration is uncontrolled.

There may be a high level of insecurity brought about by the incoming of people from a different country and culture. This may be as a result of having a high number of people not working and emerging crime.

Improper management of immigrants can result to the spread of diseases. For the immigrants from an epidemic area, they are authenticated and allowed to a country by testing for diseases to avoid spreading. Thus, there should be checkpoints for diseases examinations to the immigrants before they enter a country.

Population in both countries is affected due to immigration. This can jeopardize economies of both countries in different ways. Due to an increased population, there may be an environmental hazard from the emergence of refugee camps.

There may be brain drain as a result of moving to other countries.People move to other countries in search of greener pastures leaving their countries with less talent hence a treat to the economy.

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