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All You Need to Know about Functional Capacity Evaluations

One will notice is that every business has risks and most of them are common for many businesses but the key thing is to master them so that you can avoid the cost implication of such risks. For instance, you can think about the risk of injuries at the workplace and how it can affect your employees and performance. That is why you hear a lot about employee compensation claims which are very common in businesses and most of them are because of such injuries. Whether you are hiring new employees or still working with the same employees, functional capacity evaluations are very important as a great measure for the same. Discussed more below are some important guidelines on functional capacity evaluations and how they are important for your business.

The FCE it is a very comprehensive medical test that is carried out to measure the employee’s functional capacity and also assist in injury management. It becomes a very important medical test to carry out, therefore, the injury happened at the workplace or it happened previously before they came. There are a number of things that are tested when it comes to the FCE including the strength, the consistency, dynamic material handling, flexibility, and so on of the employee especially if they are dealing with an injury most of the times to check the productivity levels. When you are marching the job description, therefore, specific employees, this becomes a very important assessment test to carry out to determine the capacity to perform. One of the advantages of the functional capacity evaluation, therefore, is that it helps as a company, but also as an employee to know when you need to return to the job after the injuries. It is also one of the best ways of reducing the work-related injuries and turnover especially by ensuring that the employee is able to perform to the fullest even after the injuries. It is a very important step for the company because it is one of the best ways of lowering the Worker’s Compensation cost. You are also able to tell when the employee is exaggerating the injuries.

Another thing you need to know therefore is when to administer FCE because it is very important also. Always carry out the FCE at the time of injury because that way you are able to note the extent and also the legitimacy for injury management. If there is the rehabilitation process, the FCE should also be performed to know the progress. Also, carry out FCE before the employee can return to know the capacity to perform. If you are very busy for this, you can be sure to partner with companies that help with FCE.

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